New Highest Single Tip on Chaturbate!

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ChronicLove has been the “Queen of CB” for a while now earning some major tips, including the 252,521 token one.
However, someone else has her beat this month with a MASSIVE 338,338 token tip! That lucky lady is Fitlariss, who is a little shy about showing her face, but not so shy about showing off her body. Congrats to her! That is one incredible payout!
Hopefully ChronicLove can regain her title in the coming months. Click here to visit her camroom!
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**UPDATE** There is a new Highest Tip on the list! Check it out here!

Camming Scams to Watch Out For

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Although scams happen on both sides of the camming equation – from members AND models, I will focus on the ways you can be scammed as a camgirl, and ways to prevent it, because unfortunately there are a lot of people wanting to take advantage of newbie and inexperienced models who are just entering the industry.


There is NO need for anyone starting out in camming to be signing up with an agency or a studio. Please remember this very important tip! You should be signing up with the cam sites directly, without anyone else’s interference, as these studios bind you to a contract and take a percentage of your earnings, for supposed “promotion” and assistance. You can do your OWN promotion on OnlyFans, Twitter, Instagram, Manyvids, etc. There are a ton of avenues to bring in traffic, and none should include an agency or a promoter. You may also encounter some Twitter promoters who will ask you for naked photos or even free Skype shows(!) in order to promote you online. Don’t fall for this tactic and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Be completely independent. Take a look at this post to try out some sites and sign up with them directly and read up on some beginners guides to get started. Studios cannot give you any extra advice that you won’t find yourself online.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of members who frequent cam sites who are just looking for a freebie and have no desire to pay for your services, ever. At best, they will be merely annoying and ask for a free show, but at worst, they will promise to tip you or pay you with Amazon gift card or PayPal after you’ve done a show and never do, or will retract that payment. You should approach anyone offering to pay you *too* much for a Skype show with skepticism. It will almost always be over Skype, since they want to take you away from a cam site that would require them to tip for a show. They will always promise to tip you right after the show and then disappear and block you. OR they may pretend that they’ve sent a payment (such as sending a fake Amazon gift card email) or sending money through PayPal. With PayPal, that payment can always be reversed, so please only accept it from a member that you’ve known for a long time and one you trust.

The bottom line is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are so many stories of girls being scammed this way: by giving a long, explicit show and never getting the payment. So, be very careful with Skype and only accept to do a show once the tokens have been deposited to your account, as that is the best method to ensure you’ll get paid.


There is another type of member who will become enamored with you (in an unhealthy way) and try to get as much information from you as he can by pretending to be your friend. This can be done in a few ways. They can straight up ask you about things like where you live, what sort of events you go to in your city, etc. by acting friendly and curious. Be vigilant about answering these types of questions, as you don’t know how this information can be used and by whom. Read my post about camming safety and security for specific tips. What these members can also do is send you links to supposed funny images or videos that will lead them to get your specific IP address, which will reveal your city and potentially your approximate location in the city. They can then put these pieces of information together to find out who you are and then harass, blackmail, or stalk you.

Being a cam girl is not the easiest job in the world, because it comes with challenges like these and people who will want to take advantage of your inexperience. Be extra careful and use common sense, and when situations feel weird, never be afraid to say No.

⋆ OnlyFans Review: Best App for Camgirls to Make Extra Cash!

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Camgirls, forget Snapchat! (or at least, consider something else for a minute). There is a new app on the market that makes it incredibly easy to make some passive cash.

**How to Get Started on OnlyFans Post is Up!**

About OnlyFans

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Unlike Snapchat that doesn’t have a built-in option for you to receive payments from members (leaving you to organize it all yourself through offline tips, google wallet, etc), OnlyFans is created to be the better version of Snapchat and Periscope in one!

You can send photos, interact with PAID members (Hallelujah! No more “fans” who don’t support your work), stream video and receive additional tips! YOU set the price of your monthly membership ($10, $20? More?) and OnlyFans will do the billing work for you without you having to think about, and you get 80% of the profit, which is a really great payout percentage.

Additionally, if you refer other camgirls, you will get 5% of their LIFETIME income! That is a very generous referral perk! Another great feature of OnlyFans is that they do daily payouts, which is amazing considering how few adult sites do. The income potential is truly endless and depends on how many fans/members you have and how much you are wiling to promote it on twitter or on cam. Check out a some examples from a few models:

onlyfans earningsonlyfans tips

Snapchat vs OnlyFans

A lot of girls have been switching over from Snapchat, and for good reason. These days, many guys expect sexy and naked snaps for absolutely free, and will never come to your chat room and actually tip you. Why give it away for free when you can make great money from it every month? It’s such a great semi-passive income stream, that I think every cam girl should at least consider it. The interface is really simple and it takes a few minutes to sign up and start making money.

Cam girls who have been particularly successful with OnlyFans are those that do financial domination, but you don’t have to be a domme to be converting unpaying fans into premium, paying ones! In fact, I see OnlyFans outshining Snapchat and leaving it very far behind. No better time to try it out than now!

Sign up HERE to get yourself some paying fans!

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⋆ Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin

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It should come as excellent news for those who value their privacy and want to avoid unnecessary transaction fees when buying tokens that more and more cam sites are starting to accept cryptocurrencies along with other standard payment methods.

Bitcoin and camming is a match made in heaven! Many members would agree that having transactions stay private and not show up on bank statements or PayPal records is a really great perk. This way you can spoil your favorite girl all you want without leaving a digital footprint or having anyone find out. 😉

Here are the cam sites currently accepting Bitcoin as one of their token purchase options:
chaturbate bitcoinClick to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
Epoch (Credit Card)
Wire Transfer
livejasmin bitcoinClick to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card
stripchat camming – Click to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card
Bitcoin + Altcoin
flirt4free bitcoin – Click to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card

I’ll be interesting to see how many more cam sites jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon!

Quarterly Taxes: Guide for Camgirls

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The advice below is provided by Jeff Lang, CPA of Check him out for any and all tax help!

Quarterly Estimated Payments

Everyone has to pay taxes on the income they earn throughout the year, and the IRS expects these payments to be made as you earn the income, which they refer to as “pay as you go.”  For people with “regular” jobs where they receive a W-2 at the end of the year, their employer usually withholds a chunk of money from each check and remits it to the IRS to cover these payments.  As cam models, you are considered independent contractors, not employees, so you receive a 1099 at the end of the year from any source where you made over $600.  As an independent contractor, the cam and video sale sites don’t withhold any money to cover your taxes so you’re responsible for making those payments in the form of estimated tax.

Estimated Tax

Estimated tax is the method of paying tax on income that is not subject to withholding, such as interest, rent, dividends, or self-employment (1099 income).  The IRS requires estimated tax be paid quarterly (see schedule listed below), usually in equal amounts.  The payment amount is usually based on your income from the previous year, adjusted based on any changes to your earnings in the current year.  Your tax professional can help you make these calculations and determine your estimated tax payments.  One incentive for making these payments is that any time your tax due at the end of the year is greater than $1,000, the IRS imposes a penalty for not making appropriate tax payments during the year.   You can avoid this penalty with effective quarterly estimates.

Payment Schedule

Your quarterly estimated tax payments are due based on the following schedule:

Income earned January 1-March 31: Estimated payment due April 15 (or whenever individual tax returns are due; April 18 in 2017).

Income earned April 1-May 31: Estimated payment due June 15.

Income earned June 1-August31: Estimated payment due September 15.

Income earned September 1-December 31: Estimated payment due January 15 (of the following year).

It’s important to make your estimated payments by the deadline, but if you can’t make the full payment a partial payment is better than nothing and shows the IRS your willingness to pay what you owe.  If possible, make up the missed amount during the next quarterly payment.

Keep track of how much you pay each quarter.  Your tax preparer will need this information when preparing your return to make sure you get credit for the payments.

How to Pay

The IRS offers several different options for making estimated payments:  

  1. Check by mail: Your tax professional can help you prepare 1040-ES, which is the Estimated Tax for Individuals form.  You will write a personal check or get a money order/cashier’s check for the amount of your payment and send it to the address on the form, along with the voucher at the bottom of the form.  Be sure the envelope is postmarked by the payment due date.
  2. Online via bank account: You can also make your estimated payments online using your bank account, at  Make sure to select “Estimated Tax” for your payment type.  Using this option does not incur any additional fees.  Payments are due on the due date.
  3. Online via credit or debit card: This option may be the most convenient for some people, but the payment processors charge a convenience fee, so we suggest avoiding this option unless it is your only method of payment.  Payments can be made by choosing a processor on this website,, and ensuring you select Estimated Tax when making the payment.  Payments are due on the due date.


First time cam models are often shocked by how much they owe the IRS when they file their tax return at the end of the year.  Much of this shock, and an IRS penalty, can be avoided by making quarterly estimates to spread your tax burden throughout the year.  Contact your tax professional for assistance in calculating your estimates today to avoid a large tax bill next year! 

If you would like Jeff to help with your taxes, contact him at Mention promo code “CAMTAX10” for $10 off your tax preparation fee!