How Does the MFC Camscore Work?

how does camscore work


What is the MFC camscore and how does it work? This is one of the MOST commonly asked and debated question on Myfreecams. The reason why no one seems to know the answer, is because MFC chose not to disclose exactly how the camscore is calculated, which has led to rumors and simply incorrect information floating around!

Fortunately, girls who have been on MFC long enough have pieced together the formula, and here it is below:


Total Tokens Earned ÷ Time Spent Online over the Last 60 Days


That’s it. It’s that simple. The more tokens you earn in the time you spend online, the better your camscore will be. Time spent online takes into account your Online time, Away time, Private and Group time. Your goal should be to make the most tokens in the shortest amount of time! Note: You will not be penalized for being logged into the Broadcaster, the camscore “timer” only starts ticking when you’re streaming.

Here are some more Camscore Facts:

  • Every MFC model starts off with a camscore of 1,000. As a new model you’ll have a *New Model* tag on your display photo, which will bring in more tippers, so use this time wisely, because it will go away in about 10 hours of broadcast time.
  • Camscore is re-calculated automatically every 4-6 hours or so, but only for models that have logged in to the website since the last time it was calculated. If you feel your camscore is “stuck”, the best way to get it to update is simply to go online!
  • Offline tips boost camscore. They do that because you are earning a higher amount of tokens in “less” time (zero additional time, since you’re receiving them offline).
  • All tokens help camscore, including 1 token tips. Every tip counts. You hear that, guys?
  • Profile Ratings and Admires do NOT help camscore. Don’t be fooled by guys telling you they’ve helped you by admiring you. Although it’s a nice gesture, they don’t help your camscore in any way.
  • There is nothing that a member can do to lower your camscore. 


There will be times when you’ll think your camscore is dropping for no reason, but you have to look back at your earnings over the last *60* days, not just the last few days.  Sometimes, you’ll see a sudden drop, but often it’s because a good token day you had on Day 61 will no longer be counted in the camscore calculation.


Hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions, please write below, and don’t forget to Go online and make that cash! 😉


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  • bill

    I read on another website that each 1000 in your cam score equates to 370 tokens per hour so if you have a 2000 camscore that would mean 370 times 2 = 740 tokens per hour average, (convert to cash) multiply that by .05 and the model makes 37 dollars per hour

    I also read that it fluctuates based on total tokens earned by all models during the 4-6 hour period, but this formula means that if the Tokens per hour that equates to 1000 Camscore if that number is 450 your camscore actually is lower because 450 equal 1000 if you have camscore of 2000 at that rate you actually are making more money at the same camscore. so the camscore is pretty useless unless you have all the actual numbers from MFC just gives you a very rough estimate to tokens per hour,

    but any camscore above 1278 if they worked the same (hourly rate) hours as a regular job would be about 50K a year, pretty good for basically chatting and masturabating all day long which most women do anyway. at least the chat part because the chattiest models are usually the most sucessful

    • CamgirlMFC

      Yes, you’re correct about those estimations! Thanks for your comment. It really does blow your mind how much money there is to be made in the camming world. However, unlike a 9-5, there is no paid vacation time or a regular paycheck. Still, I’d take that over having a boss anyday!

  • George

    The formula is not that simple. If I spend 7200 minutes online and make 5000 tokens (60 day span), 5000/7200 = .69. My cam score goes up .69? No. It falls for those numbers. It’s an algorithm, not a simple formula like you say.

  • Done_with_MFC

    Cam score increases 1 point per 50 tokens offline, 100 tokens=2 points, 1000 tokens=20 points. I noticed this by repeatedly tipping offline and checking cam score. When online score is increasing with new tips and decreasing from old tips rolling off and affected by various factors such as time online, and possibly number of people in room, etc. I have seen a model get more than 10,000 tokens online, and privates, and cam score go down. As offline tips, are not affected by changing factors, they effectively contribute more to cam score than do the same amount of online tips. They do not actually count more, they just appear to because they are not decreased by online factors. With some countries having minimum payout of 20k tokens, or $1,000. It has been noticed that a model just making the minimum payout goal each payday had a cam score of some 2,000+ therefore it would appear to suggest that cam score may directly reflect income in dollars. Having noticed the cam score/income connection, girls with high cam scores are doing quite well. In fact much better than I am, and not in need of my few tokens. And some of these girls, used to receiving and expecting large tips do not give much attention to lower tippers. Nor do I wish to tip and play along watching a model act excited and dancing for some other guy who’s rich and dumb enough to tip big.

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