Highest Camscores on MFC

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On Myfreecams, a camscore is a DIRECT indicator of how much you earn per hour on cam.  This hourly rate is adjusted against the default “average” rate, which is a camscore of 1,000. This equals to about $20/hr. You can see a more in-depth post about the camscore here with the actual formula calculation. With this in mind, who has the highest camscore on MFC?

It is…

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1. Miss [clink id=”31″]BlissTime[/clink] with a jaw-dropping 231,080 camscore! That is 231 times bigger than the average camscore! $4,600/hr? Really? Yes, and although this kind of camscore is *definitely* not the norm and is the highest camscore in MFC history as far as I’m aware, it was achieved by having a LOT of massive offline tips and being online just a few hours a month. Offline tipping makes a huge difference, because those tips are earned in “zero” hours and inflate your token totals for the hours you are online. It can be achieved with tips like these.

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2. Besides Bliss,[clink id=”50″] Lara___ [/clink]has also had a gigantic camscore that was worthy of admiration of around 200,000 this year due to her one very high tipper.

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3. To round off this Top 3, it’s [clink id=”32″]AspenRae[/clink] with her 120,000+ camscore. She hides the camscore on her profile, so there’s no telling how high it really is, but this girl is a true MFC queen who consistently does well on the ranks.

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Congrats, girls!