⋆Top 5 Highest Tips on Myfreecams as of 2015

As of this month, there is a new addition to the Top 5 highest tips of all time list on MFC. It was BlissTime who was lucky enough to receive a massive single tip of 400,000 tokens. But, I mean, look at her!


camgirl toolbox highest tip mfc blisstimeCamgirl toolbox BlissTime MFC camming


Click here to visit her room!


And it was achieved without any drama, cheating or… putting on a Nazi uniform. Yes, this is the tactic that was used by Olivia, a long-time model who is determined to get the number one spot on Miss MFC without any regard for morals. Judge for yourself whether she deserves the top spot.

Camgirl toolbox olivia miss mfc

Despite the very poor taste of her “show”, she managed to get to #1 and two weeks in, she is still holding that position. It will be interesting to see how the ranks play out this month. Ahh… the Miss MFC contest, what would you be without the drama?


Here are are the current Top 5 Highest Single Tips of All Time on MFC:


1) Kendra_ Dawn with 500,000 tokens

2) TheBadGF with 477,600 tokens

3) DeerGod with 467,040 tokens

4) MissJade_ with 422,831 tokens

5) CrazyM_ with 400,000 tokens

and BlissTime with 400,000 tokens


Congrats to all the ladies on the list and the gents who support them! 😉

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  • koe

    fucking bitch, she dont even care that she just made 20.000$ hope she will end up in jail

    • CamgirlMFC

      Hey, let’s be nice. 🙂

  • koe

    CrazyM !!!! biggest scammer on MFC and why the guys call her Mary??? she is ROMANIAN guys, and its NOT her name

    • James

      What is her real name?

  • Tired_of_MFC_trash

    Why would idiots like this not find a real woman, instead of internet cam whore they’ll never meet. Why would these idiots continue to give MFC so much money just to give tokens. Why not get to know the girls’ real name and send her all the money. This recent 450k tip, ($45,000) cost the tipper some $36,000 (yep, some thirty six thousand dollars) at 8 cents/token of which the model gets half of 450k, or $22,500 before taxes, and MFC the difference, or $13,500. This imbecile, like so many other whale tippers as models call them, for the same price could have tipped his imaginary girlfriend 500 tokens ($50), and sent her all of $35,950.