Highest Tip EVER on Myfreecams! 1,347,673 Tokens!

rocknrose highest tip
There has been one camgirl who’s been dominating the Miss MFC charts for a while and her name is RocknRose. You could say she’s been rocking the ranks (and members’ wallets) with an astounding back-to-back wins in February, March, and April of 2018! (As well as three #1s in 2017), and she is poised to win AGAIN this month! She has some loyal tippers helping her make it, and there is a very good chance she will.

rocknrose high tip
So, what is the tip that CRUSHED all others before hers? The previous high tip was a massive 1.2 MILLION tokens ($60,000 USD) tipped to LocaLoca, who is also no stranger to high tips.
RocknRose received a chart-topping, mind-bending tip from RocknKing going toward charity in the amount of 1,347,673 tokens! This comes out to $67,383.65 USD. Many would dream of earning this much in a year and RocknRose managed to earn it in one night. What is her secret? One sure way to find out is to visit her room!  😏
Highest tip MFC

⋆ Highest Tips on Chaturbate

How much can you make as a camgirl on Chaturbate? A LOT, if you look at these highest single tips bestowed upon some lucky girls. It takes time, dedication, and just pure luck to get these massive tips, but it’s definitely possible!

Do you have to be a top camgirl to make tips like these? Perhaps, but it’s all about just starting and then slowly attracting high tippers. Check out my post on How to Get Started on Chaturbate! 

**UPDATE** There is a new Highest Tip on the list! Check it out here!

Without further ado…

The Current Highest Tips on Chaturbate Are:

130,000 tokens – Tipped to LovelyAnne  <-Click to go to Her Room!

Biggest tips cb



169,169 tokens – ALSO Tipped to LovelyAnne Lucky girl!  <-Click to go to Her Room!



And the All-Time Highest Single Tip on CB is…

252,521 tokens – Tipped to ChronicLove <- Click to go to Her Room!




At $0.05 per token, this tip comes out to a MASSIVE $12,626 USD payout for ChronicLove! Not bad for a day’s work. Congratulations to Chronic!

So far, this record has not been broken, so, here’s your chance. 😉

Click to Join Chaturbate!

how to get started on Chaturbate

Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – February 2016

The Miss MFC crown has been bestowed upon [clink id=”16″]Jalyn [/clink]last month, and it’s not her first time at the top! Despite [clink id=”28″]Kickaz [/clink] trying yet again to get to #1, it was not meant to be, as Jalyn held the spot the whole time.

An interesting point to add, [clink id=”54″]Bree Olson[/clink], who came on MFC last month and moved very quickly up the ranks, ended up at #12, which is a very impressive feat for a newbie. Who knows how high she’ll finish this month!

Here is the full list of the February Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”16″]JALYN[/clink]- [clink id=”16″]Miss MFC Queen[/clink]

[clink id=”16″]jalyn miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”16″] Click here to go to Jalyn’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”29″]LovelyKittie [/clink]- Purrr!

[clink id=”29″]lovelykittie miss mfc[/clink] [clink id=”29″] Click here to go to LovelyKittie’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”28″]Kickaz[/clink] – So close, yet so far.

[clink id=”28″]kickaz miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”28″] Click here to go to Kickaz’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”55″ rel=”nofollow”]HyruleFairy [/clink]– A geeky guy’s dream

[clink id=”55″]hyrulefairy miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”55″] Click here to go to HyruleFairy’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”47″]Petitemarie[/clink] – Tattooed beauty

[clink id=”47″]petitemarie miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”47″] Click here to go to Petitemarie’s room![/clink]


Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – January 2016

Here are the first Miss MFC winners of the year! Some unexpected ones, and some that end up on this list time and time again. This month it was [clink id=”53″]JordanLane [/clink]who was able to secure the #1 spot by spending the vast majority of her time online in a True Private (with some very wealthy member who almost single-handedly took her to the top). [clink id=”28″]Kickaz [/clink]was not too far behind, but even a MASSIVE tip of 450,000 tokens ($22,500!) in the last few minutes of the month could not help her get the crown. Such is life as a top MFC girl.

[clink id=”60″]kickaz miss mfc highest tip[/clink]

Here is the full list of the January Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”53″]JORDANLANE[/clink]- [clink id=”53″]Very impressive finish last month![/clink]

[clink id=”53″]jordanlane miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”53″] Click here to go to Jordan’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”28″]Kickaz[/clink] – Highest earning camgirl on MFC right now?

[clink id=”28″]kickaz miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”28″] Click here to go to Kickaz’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”19″]SwtSunny[/clink] – Cute & sexy!

[clink id=”19″]miss mfc swtsunny[/clink] [clink id=”19″] Click here to go to Sunny’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”18″]LexiVixi[/clink] – This girl works out 😉

[clink id=”18″]lexivixi miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”18″] Click here to go to Lexi’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”17″]GinnyPotter[/clink] – One of the consistently high earners!

[clink id=”17″]ginnypotter miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”17″] Click here to go to Ginny’s room![/clink]


⋆Top 5 Highest Tips on Myfreecams as of 2015

As of this month, there is a new addition to the Top 5 highest tips of all time list on MFC. It was BlissTime who was lucky enough to receive a massive single tip of 400,000 tokens. But, I mean, look at her!


[clink id=”60″]camgirl toolbox highest tip mfc blisstime[/clink][clink id=”60″]Camgirl toolbox BlissTime MFC camming[/clink]


Click here to visit her room!


And it was achieved without any drama, cheating or… putting on a Nazi uniform. Yes, this is the tactic that was used by Olivia, a long-time model who is determined to get the number one spot on Miss MFC without any regard for morals. Judge for yourself whether she deserves the top spot.

[clink id=”60″]Camgirl toolbox olivia miss mfc[/clink]

Despite the very poor taste of her “show”, she managed to get to #1 and two weeks in, she is still holding that position. It will be interesting to see how the ranks play out this month. Ahh… the Miss MFC contest, what would you be without the drama?


Here are are the current Top 5 Highest Single Tips of All Time on MFC:


1) Kendra_ Dawn with 500,000 tokens

2) TheBadGF with 477,600 tokens

3) DeerGod with 467,040 tokens

4) MissJade_ with 422,831 tokens

5) CrazyM_ with 400,000 tokens

and BlissTime with 400,000 tokens


Congrats to all the ladies on the list and the gents who support them! 😉