Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – November 2015

This month, it was a battle between [clink id=”32″]Aspen [/clink]and [clink id=”48″]Molly [/clink]for the #1 spot on Miss MFC. Aspen held the spot for almost all of the month with Molly being a close second and then jumping to the top spot on the last day! The last 10 minutes were especially intense when the ranks kept switching between the girls until the last moment when Aspen got a large tip and was crowned Miss MFC for November. All hail, Aspen!

Here are the rest of the girls who made it to the top in November. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”32″]ASPENRAE[/clink]- [clink id=”32″]Abs of steel![/clink]

[clink id=”32″]aspen rae miss mfc contest[/clink][clink id=”32″] Click here to go to Aspen’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”48″]MissMolly[/clink] – Hard work pays off!

[clink id=”48″]miss molly mfc contest[/clink][clink id=”48″] Click here to go to Molly’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”49″]Kati3Kat[/clink] – A Chaturbate model who made it big this month!

[clink id=”49″]kati3kat miss mfc contest[/clink] [clink id=”49″] Click here to go to Katie’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”31″]BlissTime[/clink]- “Bliss” is right.

[clink id=”31″]miss mfc contest blisstime[/clink] [clink id=”31″] Click here to go to Bliss’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”12″]Kendra_Dawn[/clink] – Total girl next door!

[clink id=”12″]kendra dawn miss mfc contest[/clink] [clink id=”12″] Click here to go to Kendra’s room![/clink]


⋆Top 5 Highest Tips on Myfreecams as of 2015

As of this month, there is a new addition to the Top 5 highest tips of all time list on MFC. It was BlissTime who was lucky enough to receive a massive single tip of 400,000 tokens. But, I mean, look at her!


[clink id=”60″]camgirl toolbox highest tip mfc blisstime[/clink][clink id=”60″]Camgirl toolbox BlissTime MFC camming[/clink]


Click here to visit her room!


And it was achieved without any drama, cheating or… putting on a Nazi uniform. Yes, this is the tactic that was used by Olivia, a long-time model who is determined to get the number one spot on Miss MFC without any regard for morals. Judge for yourself whether she deserves the top spot.

[clink id=”60″]Camgirl toolbox olivia miss mfc[/clink]

Despite the very poor taste of her “show”, she managed to get to #1 and two weeks in, she is still holding that position. It will be interesting to see how the ranks play out this month. Ahh… the Miss MFC contest, what would you be without the drama?


Here are are the current Top 5 Highest Single Tips of All Time on MFC:


1) Kendra_ Dawn with 500,000 tokens

2) TheBadGF with 477,600 tokens

3) DeerGod with 467,040 tokens

4) MissJade_ with 422,831 tokens

5) CrazyM_ with 400,000 tokens

and BlissTime with 400,000 tokens


Congrats to all the ladies on the list and the gents who support them! 😉

New Highest Single Tip on MFC

Well, well, well… On Feb 2, 2015, the previous record for the highest single tip on MFC (477,600 tokens) has been broken.

The new high tip is a COOL 500,000 tokens tipped to KendraD.

biggest mfc tip


If you were wondering how much it’s worth in dollars, that would be an astounding $25,000 USD! Congrats to Kendra!


UPDATE: Sorry, Kendra, you are no longer the #1 on the list, with LocaLoca taking the spot.