Is Myfreecams Making its Models’ Accounts Easy to Hack?

myfreecams mfc hack glitch


Keeping your private information private is one of the main concerns for cam models, but this recent article from Vice reveals that models’ passwords may be hackable due to Myfreecams‘ ineffective password system. Considering the token glitch that occurred last month, MFC should beef up their security systems to protect their models.

From the article:

“, which describes itself as “The #1 adult webcam community,” has terrible password security, for both its users and, more importantly, its models, Motherboard has learned.

The site actually undermines strong passwords created by its users, Motherboard has found.

If a password contains upper and lower case, as well as punctuation, it is bypassed by simply typing in the password in lowercase, while omitting any special characters.

For example, if a model’s password is “!!!PASSword???”, simply typing in “password” would access the account.

This is especially concerning because cam girls may be at a heightened risk of stalking or harassment. Many of the girls on the site appear to use pseudonyms, perhaps to protect their identity. Having access to their account might reveal their real name or location.”

To counterract this, you should create a longer password and not use the same password for any of your other online logins.

Check your IP Log on your model profile often and if there are any logins that you don’t recognize, change passwords immediately. Stay safe online!