1.2 MILLION Token Tip on MFC! New Record Set for Highest Single Tip

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**UPDATE** There is a new highest tip on the list. Click to see it!

I didn’t think it could be possible, but this month proved everyone otherwise – You CAN beat the incredible 999,999 token tip, which was bestowed upon LocaLoca_ last year. LocaLoca_ lucked out again and received a jaw-dropping[clink id=”10″] 1,200,000 token tip (yes, 1.2 MILLION tokens) [/clink]as the Miss MFC competition was drawing to a close. It you’re curious about the dollar amount, that would be $60,000 USD. Not bad at all!

To add to the insanity of this month, that massive tip by Mr. Anonymous was STILL not enough for [clink id=”10″]Loca[/clink] to secure the top spot on the charts.[clink id=”95″] CrazyM_[/clink] managed to beat thousands of girls vying for the crown by receiving multiple GIGANTIC tips (999,999tk, 99,999tk and many more). With the help of some amazing and dedicated tippers, she was able to become [clink id=”10″]Miss MFC [/clink]for the 3rd month in a row! Now, that’s quite the achievement, and she is also the first model to do so.

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[clink id=”10″]crazym highest tip mfc[/clink]

✨Congratulations to [clink id=”95″]CrazyM_ [/clink], as well as to [clink id=”28″]Kickaz [/clink]who fought hard for that crown!✨