Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – March 2016

March has once again proved to be a competitive month, and this time 3 of the top girls were neck and neck for the whole duration of it vying for that Miss MFC crown. They kept jumping over each other in ranks, so there was never a clear front runner until the last few days. In the end, it was [clink id=”24″]LeightonBrook [/clink]who took home the crown and, new to the top 3, [clink id=”56″]ScarlettMiles [/clink]and [clink id=”57″]AlexAthena [/clink]finished second and third.

Here is the full list of the March Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”24″]LEIGHTONBROOK[/clink]- [clink id=”24″]Fit girls rule![/clink]

[clink id=”24″]leighton brook mfc[/clink][clink id=”24″] Click here to go to Leighton’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”56″]ScarlettMiles [/clink]- A Southern Belle

[clink id=”56″]scarlett miles mfc[/clink] [clink id=”56″] Click here to go to Scarlett’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”57″]AlexAthena[/clink] – Canadian Cutie

[clink id=”57″]alex athena mfc[/clink][clink id=”57″] Click here to go to Alex’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”58″]Aloha Ali[/clink] – Young + Fit + Hawaiian

[clink id=”58″]aloha ali mfc[/clink][clink id=”58″] Click here to go to Ali’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”46″]Nintend_xo[/clink] – Establishing herself as a Top 20 girl

[clink id=”46″]nintend_xo mfc[/clink][clink id=”46″] Click here to go to Zia’s room![/clink]


Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – September 2015

Last month’s [clink id=”10″]Miss MFC[/clink] contest was an interesting one! [clink id=”31″]BlissTime [/clink]shot up to the #1 spot right away thanks to a huge tip or two and stayed there for the WHOLE month, until the last day when [clink id=”44″]Miagra [/clink]suddenly took the spot. However, Bliss’s high tipper was able to get her back to #1 in the last 10 minutes of the month with a massive 450,000 token tip!

[clink id=”60″]myfreecams-20-highest-tip-BlissTime-450000-tokens camgril toolbox[/clink]


Here are the rest of the girls who made it to the top in September! Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”31″]BLISSTIME [/clink]- [clink id=”31″]Sexy & sweet and her first time at the top![/clink]

[clink id=”31″]blisstime miss mfc camgirl toolbox [/clink][clink id=”31″]Click here to go to Bliss’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”44″]Miagra[/clink] – Sultry European girl.

[clink id=”44″]miagra miss mfc camgirl toolbox [/clink][clink id=”44″]Click here to go to Miagra’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”19″]Mashmallow[/clink] – As sweet as a marshmallow. 

[clink id=”19″]miss mfc ranks sunnhiee [/clink][clink id=”19″]Click here to go to Mashmallow’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”46″]Nintend_Xo[/clink] – Youngest girl on the list! 

[clink id=”46″]nintend_xo camgirl toolbox miss mfc[/clink] [clink id=”46″]Click here to go to Zia’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”18″]LexiVixi [/clink]- Frequent Top 5er!

[clink id=”18″][/clink] Click here to go to Lexi’s room!