MyFreeCams Statistics & Biggest Questions Answered

mfc statistics
MyFreeCams is one of the biggest and most popular cam sites, and there are a few questions that everyone seems to be curious about. Here are the most pressing questions and answers!

How many models are there online on average on MFC?

There are around 807 models online at any given time on MyFreeCams (on average).

What country are most of the MFC camgirls from?

Most models are from Romania! Even though it might seem like the majority of cam models are American, or at least from English-speaking countries, the majority of girls come from Eastern Europe, and specifically from Romania.

How much time do most models spend online each day?

1 hour and 45 minutes is how much time models usually spend on MyFreeCams each day. That’s not to say that that’s how much time you NEED to spend online, but it does help to be on cam for at least 2 hours each time to build up a big enough tipper base that you can depend on.

How many MFC models are online each day?

On average, 3,983 different models get online every day on MyFreeCams for at least one hour.
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How old is an average model on MFC?

The average MFC model is 29 years old. Because models can set their own ages in their profiles and change them as many times as they want, this is not the most reliable statistic. This is especially true considering how many models will set their age to “108 years old”. 👵

Important thing to note: There is no specific age that does “better” on MFC, though a lot of girls will keep their age in the 20s range. However, there are plenty of models that do very well in their 30s, 40s and beyond! So, don’t be afraid to start even if you think you’re “tool old” to be a camgirl.

How many tippers are in a model’s room on average?

You can expect an average of about 11 viewers in a model’s rooms, however top models draw in an average of 133 people and often the member count is in the high hundreds or even thousands.

How long do MFC members stay in Private Chat?

On average, MyFreeCams members stay in private chat for about 11 minutes.

Which other camsites do MyFreeCams models use?

The answer is Chaturbate, by far, with LiveJasmine coming in second place! No surprise there, as Chaturbate is a fan-favourite and is the most popular site on the web.

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Hope this answered some of your questions! Post any other questions you have about MFC in comments!

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