⋆ Chaturbate Token Generator: Real or Fake?

I’m sure you’ve seen sites advertising [clink id=”60″]FREE Chaturbate tokens[/clink], Chaturbate Hacks, or Token Generators. No matter how great the prospect may be, don’t fall for these hoaxes. These “token generators” or hacks will infect your computer with a virus, or, alternatively give the owners of these hacks access to your personal details and your Chaturbate login. In either scenario, there will be no free tokens actually given away.

The good news is that there’s ZERO need to use any of these hacks when [clink id=”60″]Chaturbate [/clink]has an awesome affiliate program itself! It is by far the best and easiest camsite affiliate program to sign up to and make actual money. If you’re a webmaster or just someone who wants to make some extra money easily, read on.
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Earn $1.00 Per Free Signup – Email verification NOT required!

[/clink]”Our streamlined registration process which doesn’t require an email address or credit card will boost your conversions like never before. What makes us so different is our “Genuinely Free” model. The surfer is allowed to enjoy all the benefits of the site without being charged a cent, including free cams, adult chat and more!”

How does the [clink id=”83″]Chaturbate Affiliate Program [/clink]work and what makes it so great? The key to it are the 3 Different Sources you can earn from:

[clink id=”83″]MEMBERS[/clink]

20% rev-share will be paid on all token purchases from referred traffic.

$1.00 pay per free: $1.00 will be paid on all Tier 1 signups, $0.10 on all Tier 2 signups, and $0.01 on all Tier 3 signups referred.

You will have a choice between the two commission programs: The 20% rev-share or the $1 per signup. The revenue share program is by far superior, since you will make money off the members “for life”, as long as they keep spending, versus the $1 per signup option that only gives you a dollar just once.

[clink id=”83″]MODELS[/clink]

$50.00 will be paid for every registered user who has earned $20.00 broadcasting on Chaturbate.com. No special link codes are needed. If a broadcaster signs up under any link code, you will be credited.

[clink id=”83″]OTHER WEBMASTERS[/clink]

5% rev-share will be paid on all affiliate earnings from referred webmasters. No special link codes are needed. If a webmaster signs up under any link code, you will be credited.

All in all, Chaturbate has one of the best (if not the best) affiliate programs in the adult/camming industry and it is worth checking out for webmasters, members and models alike to make more money for very little effort. All you need to is a platform, be it twitter, forum, or a blog, and have your [clink id=”83″]CB referral link [/clink]handy to start seeing those affiliate earnings roll in.

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