Bree Olson Camming on MFC – How Will it Affect Other Camgirls?

bree olson mfc


Bree Olson, one of the most famous ex-pornstars has decided to pursue camming on Myfreecams in her adult industry retirement. This decision didn’t come without its critics. Bree has been harassed by other models telling her that she’s taking away their tippers and directing traffic toward her room, to the point where Bree had to make a tearful Periscope video explaining that she only wants to help, not hurt the camming community.

What these girls fail to see is that Bree’s influence is a positive thing for MFC overall. A lot of her 1M+ Twitter followers may not have even known about MFC were it not for her, but with Bree tweeting about it, they’re more likely to go check it out and tip not only her, but other girls. Having more tippers on the site is a good thing for everyone involved, but it is understandable that there will be jealousy among other girls.

So far, Bree is doing very well on the site, and she climbed to #18 on the Miss MFC charts halfway through the month. It will be interesting to see how high she can finish this month! Go, Bree!


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