Highest Tips on MFC… Ever!

highest tip mfc
This is a common question that comes up for both MFC models and members, and thanks to Mycamgirl.net, here is the list of the BIGGEST tips given to girls on Myfreecams ever!

** There is now a new high tip on the list. You can check it out here. **

Screenshot (161)


As you can see, the top tips are MASSIVE. Let’s look at the conversion rate:

1 token = $0.05 for the girl
How much the guy pays for the token package will depend on how large it is. The bigger the package (ahem), the cheaper it is.
Generally, the conversion will be approximately:

1 token = $0.08 for the member to buy it

So… 477,600 tokens x 0.05 = $23,880 for the girl in a single tip, which cost about $38k for the guy to purchase. Not bad, eh?

And all it takes is signing up and broadcasting your cam. 😉

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