Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – December 2015

The last month of 2015 was a very predictable one by MFC standards! [clink id=”51″]MissChristmas [/clink]got the top spot as she has a few years in a row now, which she held onto from the very beginning of the month. [clink id=”23″]Olivia [/clink]was not far behind, but didn’t manage to bring in enough tokens.

Here is a list of the December Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. [clink id=”51″]MISSCHRISTMAS[/clink]- [clink id=”51″]Ho ho ho![/clink]

[clink id=”51″]miss mfc misschristmas[/clink][clink id=”51″] Click here to go to MissChristmas’s room![/clink]


2. [clink id=”23″]Olivia[/clink] – This girl knows drama!

[clink id=”23″]olivia miss mfc[/clink][clink id=”23″] Click here to go to Olivia’s room![/clink]


3. [clink id=”28″]Kickaz[/clink] – Working your ass off pays off!

[clink id=”28″]miss mfc contest kickaz[/clink] [clink id=”28″] Click here to go to Kickaz’s room![/clink]


4. [clink id=”16″]Jalyn[/clink] – Abs of steel

[clink id=”16″]miss mfc contest jalyn[/clink][clink id=”16″] Click here to go to Jalyn’s room![/clink]


5. [clink id=”24″]LeightonBrook[/clink] – Sexbomb next door

[clink id=”24″]miss mfc contest leighton brook[/clink] [clink id=”24″] Click here to go to Leighton’s room![/clink]