⋆ Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin

camming bitcoin
It should come as excellent news for those who value their privacy and want to avoid unnecessary transaction fees when buying tokens that more and more cam sites are starting to accept digital currency along with other standard payment methods.

Bitcoin and camming is a match made in heaven! Many members would agree that having transactions stay private and not show up on bank statements or PayPal records is a really great perk. This way you can spoil your favorite girl all you want without leaving any trace or having anyone find out. 😉

Here are the cam sites currently accepting Bitcoin as one of their token purchase options:
chaturbate bitcoin – Click to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
Epoch (Credit Card)
Wire Transfer
livejasmin bitcoin– Click to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card
flirt4free bitcoin – Click to Visit!

Payment options:

Credit Card
I’ll be interesting to see how many more cam sites jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon!

1.2 MILLION Token Tip on MFC! New Record Set for Highest Single Tip

lolaloca highest tip mfc
I didn’t think it could be possible, but this month proved everyone otherwise – You CAN beat the incredible 999,999 token tip, which was bestowed upon LocaLoca_ last year. LocaLoca_ lucked out again and received a jaw-dropping 1,200,000 token tip (yes, 1.2 MILLION tokens) as the Miss MFC competition was drawing to a close. It you’re curious about the dollar amount, that would be $60,000 USD. Not bad at all!

To add to the insanity of this month, that massive tip by Mr. Anonymous was STILL not enough for Loca to secure the top spot on the charts. CrazyM_ managed to beat thousands of girls vying for the crown by receiving multiple GIGANTIC tips (999,999tk, 99,999tk and many more). With the help of some amazing and dedicated tippers, she was able to become Miss MFC for the 3rd month in a row! Now, that’s quite the achievement, and she is also the first model to do so.

crazym miss mfc
crazym highest tip mfc

✨Congratulations to CrazyM_ , as well as to Kickaz who fought hard for that crown!✨

⋆ Top 20 Chaturbate Camgirls

top chaturbate camgirls

Who are the Top Chaturbate Camgirls?

While it’s hard to definitively say who the “top” Chaturbate models are and to figure out how much individual girl may earn on Chaturbate, there is a way to estimate it. Unlike MFC, Chaturbate doesn’t do a token-based monthly ranking contest, but we can take a look at the highest single tips received by CB girls as well as their number of followers (which is a good measure for room traffic and number of tippers) to have an approximate measure of their ranks. So…
Here is the TOP 20 List based on the amount of followers each girl has. Click on their names to go to their room! Feel free to add your favorite girl in comments!
chroniclove cb

Chroniclove 597, 578 followers! Perhaps not a surprising winner!

Siswet19 587,026 followers
Caylin 568,151 followers
Sexxylorry 545,580 followers
Dawnwillow 471,671 followers
hotfallingdevil 436,062 followers
1k1_nights 421,039 followers
Poisoned__honey 414,751 followers
Laurenbrite 407,345 followers
Sammysable 400,363 followers
Ashlyeroberts 398,006 followers
Shy_jane 397,696 followers
Justalinusha 394,857 followers
Angrybirds_girl 393,934 followers
Squirtbetty 376,054 followers
Littlesubgirl 371,420 followers
Sexydea 370,692 followers
Aalliyahh 359,163 followers
Allissonhotbb 358,348 followers
Lana_rain 358,061 followers
If you want the same kind of success that these girls are having, it’s not impossible! All it takes is a bit of research and the right tools, and you can see your name up there too someday! Check out my post on how to get started!
best camsite chaturbate

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments: Guide for Camgirls

quarterly taxes camgirl
The advice below is provided by Jeff Lang, CPA of camgirlcpa.com. Check him out for any and all tax help!

Quarterly Estimated Payments

Everyone has to pay taxes on the income they earn throughout the year, and the IRS expects these payments to be made as you earn the income, which they refer to as “pay as you go.”  For people with “regular” jobs where they receive a W-2 at the end of the year, their employer usually withholds a chunk of money from each check and remits it to the IRS to cover these payments.  As cam models, you are considered independent contractors, not employees, so you receive a 1099 at the end of the year from any source where you made over $600.  As an independent contractor, the cam and video sale sites don’t withhold any money to cover your taxes so you’re responsible for making those payments in the form of estimated tax.

Estimated Tax

Estimated tax is the method of paying tax on income that is not subject to withholding, such as interest, rent, dividends, or self-employment (1099 income).  The IRS requires estimated tax be paid quarterly (see schedule listed below), usually in equal amounts.  The payment amount is usually based on your income from the previous year, adjusted based on any changes to your earnings in the current year.  Your tax professional can help you make these calculations and determine your estimated tax payments.  One incentive for making these payments is that any time your tax due at the end of the year is greater than $1,000, the IRS imposes a penalty for not making appropriate tax payments during the year.   You can avoid this penalty with effective quarterly estimates.

Payment Schedule

Your quarterly estimated tax payments are due based on the following schedule:

Income earned January 1-March 31: Estimated payment due April 15 (or whenever individual tax returns are due; April 18 in 2017).

Income earned April 1-May 31: Estimated payment due June 15.

Income earned June 1-August31: Estimated payment due September 15.

Income earned September 1-December 31: Estimated payment due January 15 (of the following year).

It’s important to make your estimated payments by the deadline, but if you can’t make the full payment a partial payment is better than nothing and shows the IRS your willingness to pay what you owe.  If possible, make up the missed amount during the next quarterly payment.

Keep track of how much you pay each quarter.  Your tax preparer will need this information when preparing your return to make sure you get credit for the payments.

How to Pay

The IRS offers several different options for making estimated payments:  

  1. Check by mail: Your tax professional can help you prepare 1040-ES, which is the Estimated Tax for Individuals form.  You will write a personal check or get a money order/cashier’s check for the amount of your payment and send it to the address on the form, along with the voucher at the bottom of the form.  Be sure the envelope is postmarked by the payment due date.
  2. Online via bank account: You can also make your estimated payments online using your bank account, at https://www.irs.gov/payments/direct-pay.  Make sure to select “Estimated Tax” for your payment type.  Using this option does not incur any additional fees.  Payments are due on the due date.
  3. Online via credit or debit card: This option may be the most convenient for some people, but the payment processors charge a convenience fee, so we suggest avoiding this option unless it is your only method of payment.  Payments can be made by choosing a processor on this website, https://www.irs.gov/uac/pay-taxes-by-credit-or-debit-card, and ensuring you select Estimated Tax when making the payment.  Payments are due on the due date.


First time cam models are often shocked by how much they owe the IRS when they file their tax return at the end of the year.  Much of this shock, and an IRS penalty, can be avoided by making quarterly estimates to spread your tax burden throughout the year.  Contact your tax professional for assistance in calculating your estimates today to avoid a large tax bill next year! 

If you would like Jeff to help with your taxes, contact him at www.camgirlcpa.com/contact/. Mention promo code “SAVE10” for $10 off your tax preparation fee!

Camgirl Blogs: How to Make One and Are They Worth It?

camgirl blogs

Camgirls and Blogging: A Match Made in Heaven?

Blogs are not only a great way to express your innermost thoughts, but for a cam girl they can be yet another way to earn income and create stronger, longer-lasting  relationships with members.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Is it worth it? Is making more money through increased interest, popularity and camroom traffic worth the time spent on a blog? It can be, if you love writing and sharing your thoughts on paper. Blogs can be very low-key and non-committal (unlike maintaining a paid membership site – You can read about them here), and if you like being creative and want an outlet for your thoughts, making a blog might just be right for you! It’s an underrated way for camgirls to foster better relationships wither her regulars while also making money semi-passively. A good example of a camgirl blog is Kickaz’s wordpress blog where members can get a more intimate look into her life and she can write about things she can’t fully express when she’s online.

I’m Interested! How do I Begin?

It’s really easy to get started with blogging, and you don’t need any specific skills and coding knowledge to get your blog up within literally minutes. Here is what you need to consider:

  1. Decide whether your blog will have PG content or if you’ll be posting NSFW pictures and videos of yourself. This will determine hosting provider you go with, as many don’t allow adult content to be posted.
  2. Decide whether you want to go with a free blog platform like WordPress (no ability to have ads, less customizability, “.wordpress.com” extension, no adult content) or Wix OR whether you want to have a self-hosted blog where you can choose your hosting company, have ads that earn you money, much more customization, and the ability to post adult content.

So, if you want to go with totally free blogging platform (remember, no adult content!), try out WordPress, Blogger, or Wix that has some really cool themes and is very easy to set up on.

However, my recommendation is to always go with a self-hosted blog, as it allows you complete control over your content and that is in addition to you having your own custom domain name (i.e. www.sexylexy.com NOT www.sexylexy.wordpress.com).

camming blogs

Which Hosting Company Should I Choose?

There are a number of hosting companies to pick from, and any of the ones listed below are a great choice. So, pick out your hosting provider, which will then take you through the install and integration with WordPress – a really easy process.

Allow Adult Content: HostGator, Dreamhost, GoDaddy

Allow Non-Adult Content: Bluehost. Great option if you want to keep your naked stuff on camsite only!

These hosting providers come with options like WHOIS protection, domain registration, storage, backups, anti-spam security.

Click on the banners below to check them out!

Aside from just posting blog-style content and interacting with your members in comments, how can you earn money from blogs?

  • Sell videos with links to either your Manyvids account or post preview pics and include your offline tip button.
  • Sell panties, various items (baked goods, crafts, art!), Skype dates, whatever you can think of! Always clearly display your tip link.
  • Have all of your social media links,  your cam profile, and your Amazon wishlist in one place, so that members can easily reach you and tip you.
  • Have banner ads that will passively earn you money from clicks.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!