Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – February 2016

The Miss MFC crown has been bestowed upon Jalyn last month, and it’s not her first time at the top! Despite Kickaz trying yet again to get to #1, it was not meant to be, as Jalyn held the spot the whole time.

An interesting point to add, Bree Olson, who came on MFC last month and moved very quickly up the ranks, ended up at #12, which is a very impressive feat for a newbie. Who knows how high she’ll finish this month!

Here is the full list of the February Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. JALYNMiss MFC Queen

jalyn miss mfc Click here to go to Jalyn’s room!


2. LovelyKittie – Purrr!

lovelykittie miss mfc  Click here to go to LovelyKittie’s room!


3. Kickaz – So close, yet so far.

kickaz miss mfc Click here to go to Kickaz’s room!


4. HyruleFairy – A geeky guy’s dream

hyrulefairy miss mfc Click here to go to HyruleFairy’s room!


5. Petitemarie – Tattooed beauty

petitemarie miss mfc Click here to go to Petitemarie’s room!