Miss MFC: Top 5 Myfreecams Girls – April 2016

April was a battle between Kickaz and PumpkinSpice, who have gone head to head in previous months, and this month it was a very close win by Kickaz, who has finally gotten her crown.

There was drama surrounding PumpkinSpice, some self-inflicted, some caused by members who posted her personal details online leaving her to deal with harassment, in addition to some people actually showing up at her doorstep! Getting to #2 is a huge achievement in such a drama-filled month.

Kati3kat had managed to get to number 4 in the last few minutes of the month, and has been doing VERY well on MFC having quit Chaturbate earlier this year. Congrats to her as well!

Here is the full list of the April Miss MFC winners. Click on their name and photo to visit their room and see what all the fuss is about!


1. KICKAZQueen of MFC?

kickaz mfc Click here to go to Kickaz’s room!


2. PumpkinSpice – Intense Work Ethic!

pumpkinspice mfc  Click here to go to Pumpkin’s room!


3. NevAmore – Crazy Chicken Lady 

nevamore mfc Click here to go to Nev’s room!


4. Kati3Kat – Sexy Chaturbate Import

kati3kat mfc Click here to go to Katie’s room!


5. Jalyn – Longstanding Miss MFC Winner*

jalyn mfc Click here to go to Jalyn’s room!

*Who has often been accused of self-tipping. I don’t have any proof to support that, but the rumors have always been that Jalyn self-tips a lot to get herself to high ranks.